Monday, March 4, 2013

Tech Fasting, Mardi Gras and Exciting News

Well, just four more days until Spring Break...I can't believe how fast this semester is flying by!

This week has been a little funky so far, as I have felt a bit out of touch with people because I don't have my phone. I'm participating in a "tech fast" for my philosophy class. It was optional, but I chose to do it for extra credit to see how difficult it would be. I've done some tech fasts before, and I know from experience that it's hard at first but you tend to get used to it, and even grow to like it!

Obviously I'm not doing a complete fast from technology, since I am blogging to you wonderful readers, but I have been trying to cut back on screen time. So normally I try to get everything that involves a computer done at one time during the day, and then I don't log on again until I absolutely have to. Maybe this is why I'm finding it easier this time, because the main thing I'm giving up is my phone but I am still allowing myself computer access.

To tell you the truth though, I do enjoy tech fasts. I've done one almost every semester since coming to Saint Mike's, and it's actually very refreshing to not have to worry about constantly being connected with others. It sort of gives you an excuse for not being available, and for taking the time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

That being said, there are some downsides. I definitely feel out of touch with my family and friends. I can't talk to my family at all without my phone, and I have a hard time finding my friends when I'm not with them. It goes the opposite way too--Sheila messaged me on Facebook nine times on Friday hoping I'd check at some point. She'll probably get angry at me telling you that, but I find it hilarious. She was looking for me all day and had no idea where I was. Well, I had spent most of the afternoon on North my own dorm building. Imagine that! And no one could find me!

So, what have I been up to with all of my screen-free time? Well, I had a total nerd moment in the library when I saw this book called "The Hunger Games and Philosophy: A Critique of Pure Treason". I love this kind of stuff, and I think the Hunger Games series is an excellent social commentary on modern society. So let the reading begin!

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Anyway, it was interesting going through the weekend without my phone--especially since Saturday was Burlington's big Mardi Gras celebration. Every year, there's a huge parade with floats and music and free beads and candy. People dress up in crazy costumes and paint their faces. It's like a giant carnival! The buses are packed running back and forth all day, and it feels like everyone in the entire city flocks to Main Street for the event. I volunteered for crowd control at Mardis Gras last year, which was fun because I got to stand right in the street and see the whole parade, and all of the volunteers were given free tee shirts and gifts for working the event. I also got to pass out beads and candy to the kids watching the parade, which was pretty adorable.

This year, I went with Sheila and Liz just to watch the parade and take pictures. It was pretty awesome, although my pictures didn't come out as well because I was in the middle of the crowd this time. But the energy was infectious, and everyone was having a great time--even when it started snowing! After the parade, we went to Sky Burger (our usual restaurant, if we're not in a Ken's Pizza or Fu Da mood) and then we spent some time at the mall before returning to campus. It was a fun day, even though it was so crazy and crowded, and then Sunday was just a quiet homework day.

It was pretty crazy!

The special of the day at Skyburger was the falafel burger...yum! And yes, I am one of those people who takes pictures of her food. You're welcome.

And now, the "exciting news" part of my post. Remember when I mentioned applying for internships, and how I was looking at one with Admissions over the summer? Well, I was lucky enough to have been offered the job! I was so excited when I heard the news, because it was the first summer internship that I had looked into and the one that was the highest priority for me. I just thought it would be so awesome to work with such a cool group of people, and I know I can learn a lot from them. Plus, I must admit that I'm pretty excited to be spending a whole summer with people who share the same zany enthusiasm for Saint Mike's. :) And, to top it all off, Vermont is amazing in the summertime, and we don't get enough warm weather during the school year!

So, it's not completely official yet because I still have to go through the workstudy application process, but as soon as all of the right paperwork is done I'll be all set with my summer plans. Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their week. As always, contact me with any questions!

Happy Monday,

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