Saturday, March 23, 2013

"So, who's Sheila?"

Hey readers! Sorry I never made a vlog last Sunday, but as it was spent mostly in the car, I didn't quite have the time. You'll definitely get one tomorrow! I got back to Saint Mike's safe and sound, and I've been running around like crazy ever since! Spring break was relaxing, but now it's back to work...until Thursday, when I'll be on my way home again for Easter.

As many of you may have noticed, I often talk about my best friend Sheila on this much, in fact, that I made a label for her so that I can tag all of my posts that mention her!

Sheila and I are from the same area of New York and we went to high school together. We had a few classes together throughout high school, so when I found out that she was going to Saint Mike's too I was absolutely stoked! We grew much closer when we got to college, and I have to admit--having someone from my hometown here really helped me make the transition last year. Not to mention the fact that we're both MJD majors, so we have a lot in common, and we're still taking classes together to this day!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about her because not only do I adore Sheila and her amazing family (her little sister Maggie will be joining us in the fall!), but she has just recently joined the blogosphere! Internet, you're in for a treat. :) Sheila started a blog for her social media class (which I am so jealous of because I'm not taking it) and she's planning to share some really cool insight about the MJD major at Saint Mike's.

So, if you're interested in hearing a different perspective of MJD, or if you've had enough of me, try Sheila's blog! Here's the link:  (If you like me, you'll LOVE her...she's a hoot!)

"We might as well be sisters" <3

Thanks for reading everyone...and stay tuned, because you never know who might make an appearance on tomorrow's vlog! :)


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