Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break Plans

Tonight, my parents will be arriving at Saint Mike's, and then tomorrow morning I can leave after my morning class for a week of pure sunshine and relaxation! well, who really knows how much relaxing I'll be doing...

Not exactly what's in my Spring Break plans, unfortunately!
The cool part of my spring break will be Friday night. I'm not going straight home from school--first, my friend Cara and I are going to a Matchbox Twenty concert at Mohegan Sun. I am SO excited! Cara and I are huge Matchbox Twenty (and Rob Thomas) fans, and this concert is sure to be a blast. Their newest album, North, has a different sound from their older 90s- and early 2000s-era music, but I still enjoy it, and I'm hoping they'll play some of their older stuff too.

I'm really hoping that my parents knew what they were getting into when they offered to drive us to the concert...I'm currently making mix CDs to listen to all the way there. And, of course, we'll have to listen to the new album at least three times. And then, of course, after the concert on the way to my house we'll probably listen to it again!

I'm too excited for words!
 Anyway, after the concert Cara and I will go back to my house in Poughkeepsie, NY, sleep for a few hours, and then wake up and go to the train station where she can take an Amtrak back up to her home in Plattsburgh. She's going a bit out of the way for this show, but hey, that's a dedicated fan right there.

So that's my only plan that's definite so far, but I know I have a lot that needs to be accomplished over break. Here's a tentative list:

1.) Finish my Study Abroad application so that I can submit it as soon as I return

2.) Update my FAFSA and fill out a campus work study application for my summer internship

3.) Do some readings and decorate my journal for my MOVE trip to South Dakota

4.) Buy an external hard drive (imperative for an MJD major--I've got too much content for one little flash drive!)

5.) Go to interesting places around town and make use out of this awesome camera before I have to give it back at the end of the semester!

6.) Start looking at cameras so that I have an idea of what I want when I can someday afford nice things (I just added this)

7.) Work on my Malaysia project for Global Comm

8.) Continue research and begin a rough draft for my Environmental Problems paper (my topic is e-waste)

9.) Start looking at classes for fall registration

That's a pretty massive list, especially because 7 and 8 are quite time consuming. Plus, I'm going to be distracted with constantly wanting to take pictures and do the "fun" stuff, and of course I'll want to spend some time re-charging the batteries (read: sleeping) and spending time with family and friends. The good news is that Sheila, a Global Comm buddy of mine, has already agreed to getting together and working on our projects for a day (since we live just a few minutes away from each other).

So, looks like I'll definitely have enough things to keep me busy! I suppose the beach will have to wait for another time. :)

Let me know if you have any cool plans for Spring Break! Find me on Facebook, email me at, Tweet me @LaurenKopchik, and find me on Formspring.

Have a great break!

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