Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Always the Little Things

Have you ever noticed that the smallest details are really the ones that make (or break) your day?

I started off the morning a bit negatively, waking up with hiccups and getting frustrated because I couldn't find my phone. I slowly began turning my day around as I met up with friends for breakfast and enjoyed the weather on my way to class. But the thing that really made me smile today was when I returned to my dorm after lunch, and went to the bathroom where I encountered these uplifting messages:

Isn't this precious? I absolutely love the girls on my floor. Many of us are extremely close, but even the few girls that I don't see often contribute to the dynamic of our hall. We all get along well, and we're an awesome support system for each other. I'm definitely going to miss Lyons 4th floor South next year, but I am so happy to have had them as my floor-mates during my first year at SMC.


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  1. And now, on the door, there is one that says "One kind word can change a person's day" or something along those lines. :D