Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Founder's Society

Last night I went with my friends Cait, Alex and Merrill (congrats to Cait and Alex on their tour-guide status!) to the last Founder's Society meeting of the year. To sum up very simply what Founders Society does, I'll use the following quote from the Saint Mike's website:

"The Founders Society is Saint Michael's student ambassador organization. Ambassadors work with Admission and Alumni Relations staff to foster strong relationships with prospective students and alumni through a variety of campus and off-campus activities."

So basically, Founders Society does a ton of really cool stuff to get the word out about Saint Mike's. It is in charge of the SMC blogosphere as well as coordinating tours for prospective students and organizing events like the Phone-a-Thon, which is when current students get together and call prospective students to talk about why they like Saint Mike's.

I had gone to a Founders meeting at the very beginning of the year, and had a good time getting information from its members about their different jobs and what they do to contribute in helping prospective students gain the whole Saint Mike's experience. I also participated in a Founders event at one of our accepted students days, when I had lunch with a few graduating high school seniors and told them about my own Saint Michael's experience. I had always wanted to get more involved with the Founders Society, so I was really glad that I attended this past meeting.

I met a few of the other bloggers there and had a blast exchanging tips and hearing about how they became interested in Founders Society. I had come on a special night, as it was their last meeting of the year and coordinators were giving out awards to various members for their hard work and dedication. I was impressed at how close everyone in the group seemed to be, even though it's a large society. It was just like a big family reunion!

Going to this meeting really helped open my eyes to the Founders Society, and I can't wait to attend meetings and become more involved next year--in fact, I'm sad that I missed out on so much this year! I'm also going to work on becoming even more involved with other groups next year as well, including signing up for more MOVE events, Green Up (a student environmental organization), and the Wilderness Club.

Here's one of the latest videos from a few of the folks in the Founders Society. This video is part of the SMC Kribs series, which looks at all of the housing options we have on campus. Check out the SMC YouTube Channel to see more informative and hilarious footage!


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