Monday, April 16, 2012

Around Town: The Waterfront

Hello, dear readers!

This past weekend has brought me from my cramped little room outside into the fabulous weather. It has warmed up and everyone seems to be ready for summer!

To celebrate, my friends and I headed into town on Friday night. We ate dinner at Sky Burger on Church Street, and then we walked down the hill to Lake Champlain where we watched a gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera because a friend is borrowing it, but I took a few with my phone and my friends Sheila and Shawn don't mind me sharing some of theirs either!

This is actually one that Shawn took at Sky's one of my favorite places to eat. They have some amazing veggie burgers and milkshakes! Our group is huge--we had eleven people--and our table took up almost the whole length of the tiny restaurant! I'm sitting between Cait and Maya, and you might recognize Alex across from on her name to check out her awesome blog!

I had a black bean burger, and I need to go out with these people more often because they all gave me their pickles!

Isn't it beautiful?

I managed to sneakily snap this picture of Sheila taking a picture! Liz sits behind her peacefully on the dock.

Sheila and I sitting on the docks...I think Liz took this one! 

I love the way the boathouse looks, all lit up at night!

It was a lovely night, and the fun continued all weekend. You can check out our amazing kite-flying skills at my friend Jessica's blog. It was such a good time!

I hope you all find time to get out there and enjoy this amazing weather!


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