Monday, September 10, 2012

Going to the Fair

Last weekend was tons of fun. The Champlain Valley Fair comes to the Expo (just down the road from SMC) every summer, and we get back to school just in time to go!

Normally, the fair is an orientation activity. Freshman students receive a ticket for the same day and they can all go together as a class. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Irene last year, most of my class didn't get a chance to attend. So, this year, my friends and I made it a must. We went to the petting zoo, rode the ferris wheel, and ate a LOT of greasy-fried fair food, none of which I regretted...forget the calories, fried dough at a fair is necessary!

My favorite girls and me, ready for a night at the fair!

The ferris wheel

A cool view from the ferris wheel!
Animals always love Tanya! This one kept nudging her to keep petting!

If you're ever in Essex Junction around the time of the Champlain Valley Fair, I definitely recommend going. It's an awesome way to spend a Friday night!

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